Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ARRL June VHF Contest

I am getting more and more into contesting.  It's addictive!  VHF contests can be either very exciting or somewhat boring depending on propagation.    The weekend of June 11-12 was a boon for six meters!  I made it a point to work 2 meters, 70 cm and 23 cm, but the main action was on six, which shifted the focus from the higher bands onto six.  I had a lot of fun.  I went to the Egyptian Hamfest and had breakfast at Uncle Lennie's and then onto to Ohlman Cemetery, EM59ji, which as it tuns out, cost me points in the contest.  But I attended knowing that was a possibility.  Seeing everyone at breakfast and learning more about the microwave signal source was well worth it!

When I arrived at EM59ji, it was hot, humid, sticky and very miserable.  Temp was 94 degrees.  I set up my 3 cm rig and tried to copy the WB9PNU beacon but nothing was heard.  It was 1:00 pm and usually that is the case around that time.  I tried working Ron, W9ZIH but we couldn't hear each other.  Zack, W9SZ was QRT.  So I packed up and got home in EM 59ck just before a T-storm moved overhead from out of the northeast to the southwest.  I checked W0SM's rainscatter and I had a path back to the beacon.  I set up my 3 cm rig in the garage, pointed the dish northeast and I was able to copy the WB9PNU beacon via rainscatter!  It didn't last all that long and my 10 MHz oscillator wasn't up to temp so the signal sounds even "wattery" than usual with rainscatter.  I posted the rainscatter video on my facebook page:

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