Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday April 19, 2014 SLAMS 24 GHz Show-N-Tell Breakfast

I went to bed on Friday evening looking forward to Saturday's 24 GHz show-n-tell breakfast!  I awoke at 5:30 AM to shower and to make the 100 mile trek from central Illinois to the Bridgeton, MO  Denny's restaurant. I arrived at 8:10 and I would have been there on time if it weren't for the over turned tractor trailer closing the on ramp from I-55 southbound to I-270 westbound.  I had to drive six miles out of my way to reroute myself back towards I-270.  The funny thing is that when I lived in St. Peters which is only about 12 miles away, I would usually arrive around 8:45 to 9:00.  I live 82 miles farther away and I'm usually on time!  Go figure!

Getting back on to topic it was great to see SLAMS next big project which is to be QRV on 24 GHz!  Herbert - AF4JF and Harry - WA0CNS are really making progress and they are anxious to generously share their knowledge with the rest of us by paving the way and showing us which pit falls to avoid!  These gents are true experimenters and I deeply appreciate their expertise!  Herbert and Harry have the 24 GHz beacon almost QRV with 250 mW out to a Alford Slot Antenna!  The beacon's IF and keyer need to be installed and then a suitable site to install it needs to be found.  Herbert and Harry plan to experiment with a few potential sites to see which one is most favorable for omni propagation.

It looks like a few of us are going with the DMC units.  I am expecting mine to arrive from Poland any day now.  I have an Elcom synthesizer that Herbert will program for me.  I also have a PyroJoe 24 GHz filter.  I have a dish for my unit and I am thinking about using a cassegrain prime focus feed.

Thank you SLAMS for placing that proverbial fire under my tush to assist me with getting my rear in gear!

                                                        Taking the meeting outside

                                    Harry-WA0CNS with his prime focus, cassegrain fed dish.

                                                 Close- up of the cassegrain feed.

                                Notice how the feed horn's shadow sits dead center on the dish!

                                                   ELCOM unit with 23 GHz highpass filter.

        Herbert's 24 GHz Alford Slot omnidirectional antenna for the beacon.

                                                    DMC Kompakt unit for 24 GHz

                                            Modifications made to the DMC unit.

                                         An insider's view of the 24 GHz St. Louis beacon.

                                                      Harry- WA0CNS does fine work!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

24GHz And Up Breakfast

The SLAMS will have another breakfast / meeting dedicated to microwave bands 24GHz and higher. This event will take place on Saturday April 19 at 8:00am. Usual location - the DENNYs restaurant on Dorsett Rd., just off I-270 in west St. Louis.

73 Herbert