Saturday, August 13, 2016


Besides hearing Dr. Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO speak at the CSVHFS conference in Rochester, MN on Solar Cycles and C25 (Maybe?) which is always worthwhile; seeing Al Ward, W5LUA demonstrate 10 GHz EME QSOs all three days of the conference was a great treat!

Al used JT software and CW.  He made EME  QSOs with stateside ops as well as European ops.

Al is running 50 watts into his dish.  Al measures noise off of the moon to accurately point his dish.

2017 Solar Eclipse

While attending the CSVHFS conference in Rochester late July, a bulletin board caught my eye.  As we are making preparations for this year's ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest, next year's contest proves to have an added bonus!  In 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse the day after the contest (Aug19-20) on the 21st!

Please note in the picture below that a number of microwave groups are making plans to be active during the eclipse.  SLAMS has been included!  What an exciting opportunity!

 The St. Louis area will be along the path of totality.

Let's bring this event up and start making plans for to participate and coordinate our efforts with the other microwave groups!

 Ron, KO0Z