Monday, October 22, 2018

Bob Gormley WA5YWC SK

It is with profound sadness that I post the following news from Al Ward W5LUA:

Hello microwave community
It is with great sadness that I am informing you that Bob Gormley WA5YWC
passed away in his sleep on Saturday night. He was 74.
Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly and they will be locally in
the DFW area.
Bob was a great person and a great friend and I will miss him.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Transmitting from the Gob

It's still dark at 6:30 am on Saturday, October 20th.  Winds were brisk and temps in the forties.  KO0Z made a coffee run and by the time he and AF4JF made it to the gob pile entrance, there was enough light to unlock the chained gate and make their way up the gob to the wind turbine (EM59ek) and aim their antennas towards Zack W9SZ 97 miles away on his hilltop location (EN50rl).

Ten GHz wasn't productive, but Ron's rig appears to be more frequency stable with his GPS 10 MHz oscillator and new batter booster.  Herbert did make a two-way QSO with Zack on 1.2 GHz.  All-in-all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

                                            Sunrise on the gob, EM59ek

                              Herbert AF4JF setup for 1.2 GHz and 10 GHz

                                          Wind turbine at Farmersville, IL EM59ek

                                                       AF4JF's 1.2 GHz yagi.

                                Looking towards Zack's W9SZ hilltop location EN50 rl 97 miles away.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Planning Meetings

BARS and SLAMS will have a set of 3 planning meetings aimed at setting up the plans and schedule for events in 2019. Here are they:

2018-11-10: TA in Troy, IL
2018-12-15: Waffle House, Dorsett STL
2019-01-27: Denny's, STL

Everybody interested in our activities is welcome, does not matter if you are a member of one or both of our groups! Should you be interested, then please join us for one of the meetings above!

73 Herbert

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

MUD 2018

"Attending a seminar has numerous benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence."  This quote is taken from a higher education, but it applies quite nicely to MUD 2018 which was held in Fairborn, OH nearby to Dayton.  The organizers did an outstanding job putting on this year's MUD.

In attendance to this year's MUD from the St. Louis group was Bob N0IS, Mel K0PFX, Ron KO0Z, Herbert AF4JF and Zack W9SZ.  Ron, Zack and Herbert carpooled to the Dayton/Fairborn MUD conference on Thursday, October 11.  

10 GHz EME contacts were made and a group even tried 131 GHz!

Here are some photos from the conference.