Sunday, July 7, 2013

MAD Day on July 6, 2013

The SLAMS group participated on Microwave Activity Day (MAD) on Saturday July 6th, 2013. Jim N5MU went to Edwardsville area in EM58 while Mel K0PFX, Armand KD0PXF and Herbert AF4JF met at usual location - the YMCA parking lot in EM48sq. We have set up two stations for 10GHz, one for 1296MHz and one for 432MHz:

There was one thing that made this MAD day unique - Armand KD0PXF has made his very first ham radio contact! Furthermore, he has done so on 10GHz SSB ....


Note the bigger dish at the bottom. That's what Armand has used for his first QSO. Following picture shows Armand installing his dish antenna:

Congrats, Armand! You know, you should always start somewhere in the ham radio spectrum and then keep going higher and higher in frequency ... Well, his first QSO was on 10368.1MHz which is the wavelength of approx. 3cm.