Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SLAMS 24 GHz Breakfast -2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015, Troy, IL SLAMS met at the Country Pride restaurant for their annual 24 GHz breakfast.  The weather was very nice and welcome change from the rain.  At breakfast, Herbert AF4JF showed the group some great bargains on an RF noise source, a spectrum analyzer board with sweep generator that goes from 138 MHz to 4.4 GHz and a dongle that receives VLF frequencies all the way to 1.2 GHz!

After the breakfast, we went to a nearby park and Harry, WA0CNS set up the SLAMS 24 GHz beacon as well as his 24 GHz transverter.  Zack, W9SZ set up his 24 GHz transverter and Qs were exchanged in EM58br!

Dave, KB0PE is working on a second 24 GHz rig and Ron, KO0Z is very close to getting his station on the air.  Mike, N0OBI had a horn and a diode and he was able to detect the 24 GHz RF.

                          138 MHz-4.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer board with tracking generator.

                                                           RF Noise Source

                                                   VLF to UHF Dongle!

                                             Zack, W9SZ and Dave, KB0PE

                                           Herbert, AF4JF, Harry, WA0CNS and Zack, W9SZ

                                                         24 GHz 1/2 watt amp.

                                                     Zack, W9SZ's 24 GHz rig.

                                                       Dave, KB0PE's 24 GHz transverter.

                                                        Dave, KB0PE and Zack, W9SZ

                                                      Harry, WA0CNS 24 GHz Beacon.

                                                       Inner workings of the 24 GHz beacon.

                                                       Harry, WA0CNS with his 24 GHz rig.

                                          Cassegrain feed for 24 GHz also known as a penny or splash feed.

                                                       Zack, W9SZ's 24 GHz rig

                                                        W9SZ's 24 GHz dish antenna

                        SLAM members :  W9SZ, AF4JF, KO0Z, WA0CNS, N0OBI and KB0PE

                                          Zack, W9SZ looking for 24 GHz signals with his SDR radio

                   Zack, W9SZ to the left and Harry, WA0CNS to the right working each other on 24 GHz.

                                    Mike, N0OBI with his horn feed and diode detector.
                                    Below, Zack picking up some 24 GHz signals.