Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another SLAMS 24 GHz Record!

Kudos are once again in order for Harry, WA0CNS and Dave, KB0PE!  Yesterday, 29 April on what started off being a foggy, hazy Monday morning, Harry made the trek to High Ridge, MO at EM48rl and Dave made the trek to Dow, IL at EM49ua to attempt a 24 GHz 39.7 mile two-way QSO.  According to Dave, they began transmitting around 9:40 am and Dave was able to detect Harry's signal but Dave reports there was deep QSB.  As the sun continued to climb in the sky, the fog burned off and both Dave and Harry were looking at haze along the path.  Dave is running a 3' dish with 4 watts and Harry has a "Banana " dish with perhaps as much as 200 milliwatts of output (Harry hasn't made it by Jim's yet to accurately measure the output).  At 10:13 am Harry and Dave worked each other using CW for a successful almost 40 mile 24 GHz QSO!  It is believed that this QSO is the first ever Illinois to Missouri 24 GHz two-way QSO!   Way to go you two!  Job well done!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

24 GHz QSO today!

Just got the following text message from Dave, KB0PE earlier today:  Harry & I made our first contact on 24.192 GHz today! Harry was at EM48rl and was at the YMCA, a 15.8 mile path.  Only made CW contact but was 559 copy both ways. 

Congratulations to you Dave and to you Harry!  Well done you two!

Last one for 3 cm VUCC

Last Tuesday, Dave KB0PE came over to my St. Peters QTH to take down my skyhooks from EM48 and move them to my Girard, EM59 QTH.  Four hours later we were rolling up hardline and loading up my van and trailer.  On the way back to Girard we stopped off in Edwardsville in the EM58as location and worked Jim, N5MU on 3cm!  We had 579 cw reports and 5x7 SSB contacts!  This grid QSO gave Jim his fifth grid for his VUCC!  Congratulations Jim!  After the QSO, a very tired KO0Z and KB0PE went to great burger joint in nearby Pontoon Beach.  Uncle Linny's makes the largest hamburger I've ever seen.  It is one pound of pure deliciousness! They also make a 3lb burger with a bunch of fries and if you can consume the entire meal in 45 minutes then it is free. 

QRV from Boothill, EM59ji

The Macoupin County EMA Director, Jim N9LQF told me about a hill he'd driven by that he thought would be great for microwave activity.  So, last Sunday I went along IL Route 16 just outside of Ohlman, IL.  It is about 75 feet or so higher than the surrounding countryside and the only thing on top of the hill is a cemetery. It is clear in all directions! This will be perfect for microwave activities.  It is located in EM59ji which is about 32 miles southeast of my Girad QTH.  I plan to be QRV from that site, weather depending, for the May MAD.