Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10 GHz Snowscattter Attempt

Tuesday 27 February 2013:  It's been snowing lightly between Girard, IL (EM59) and the WB9PNU/b in EM48.  I was wondering if I could hear the beacon via snowfall scatter propagation.  Unfortunately, at my QTH in Girard my 10 GHz rig is looking into a tree and some homes.  I varied the dish elevation.  A couple of times I thought I heard the beacon faintly, but I cannot confirm that observation.  It may have been wishful thinking on my part.  I left the rig running for a half hour before listening.  Oh well it was a fun experiment and if I was more motivated to go out into the cold I could have gone to my favorite microwave spot about 8 miles from here, but such was not the case today!
Ron, KO0Z

Saturday, February 23, 2013

SLAMS 24 GHz Breakfast, Saturday Feb 23

Jim, N0OBG is holding Harry's (WA0CNS) 24 GHz transverter which he brought to the SLAMS breakfast at Denny's on Dorset Road 23 January.
 Downconverter used to convert 24 GHz to 432 MHz.
 Upconverter used with an LO to produce 24 GHz signal.

 John, WB9PNU is chatting with Harry WA0CNS at the 24 GHz breakfast.
 Mel, K0PFX, Herbert, AF4JF, Jim, N5MU on the left and at the head of the table on the right side is Rich, N0PQU and Bob, N0IS.
One of the LOs used in producing 24 GHz

 Good food, good company and good conversation.

 Harry's WA0CNS is building a 47 GHz transceiver.

 The bottom side of the 47 GHz transceiver.  Pictured below is Herbert, AF4JF, Harry WA0CNS, Mike, N0OBI and Rich, N0PQU.